FSD K-12 Spotlight


4 issues K-12 foodservice directors are returning to this fall

Here are a few of the sticky wickets that will greet K-12 FSDs on the first day of school.


School forms subcommittee to balance food quality, budget

A Massachusetts district hopes its new committee will address parents’ foodservice complaints.

The association is not optimistic on the passage of child nutrition legislation during this fiscal year.

Rep. Todd Rokita said he has doubts about whether the federal government should subsidize school lunches at all.

The school year is ending, but K-12 foodservice may feel the effects for some time to come.

The celebrity chef is calling upon NYC’s mayor to provide free lunches for all public schools, so that children aren’t bullied for taking advantage of subsidized lunches.

Replacing the district's fryers took a multiyear effort.

The event, created in partnership with the French Department of Agriculture, highlights healthy choices and the inclusion of produce in school meals.

Though officials say the new process will streamline cafeteria throughput, some groups are encouraging parents to question the implications of children using such technology.

Officials hope ‘Dine and Dash’ will provide on-the-go students with more meal options before and during school.

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