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3 social media ideas to steal from restaurants

Restaurants have taken to social media to promote their brands in innovative ways, providing an arsenal of steal-worthy ideas. Here are three standouts.


Halal expands beyond C&U

While the trend has blossomed in C&U, halal menus now are trickling down into other segments. From traditional chicken preps to fish tacos, here’s a sampling.

Panda Express’ new “chork” could change how its customers eat Chinese food.

The beef will help meet student and faculty demand for local menu items.

The student said cafeteria decor disrespected Latino and Mexican cultures.

Jarosz will replace the building’s three former vendors and add a “farm-to-fork” spin.

“10 Cents a Meal” provides match funds for schools buying local produce.

The machine is expected to sell 300 pies a day.

Restaurant and noncommercial chefs were challenged by the James Beard Foundation to submit burger recipes that blended meat with mushrooms, bolstering the health and eco-friendliness of the sandwiches without a sacrifice of flavor. Here are the five preps that were chosen as the best of the entries from 349 participants.

The Green Restaurant Association gave the eatery a “3 Star” rating.

A Labor Department investigation revealed workers were illegally denied pay.

The foodservice provider pledged to go fully cage-free by 2025.

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