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October is National Pasta Month, the perfect time to celebrate this versatile ingredient on the menu.


Customers not only choose appetizers to start a meal, they also order them as snacks, small plates and table shares. 

guac and chips

To expand your snack selection, start with these five recipes. 


How can operators make their sandwich selection stand apart from the crowd? Start with these five innovative recipes.

grain bowl

Chefs are exploring a variety of grains to create healthy, flavorful dishes, many of which put plants front and center.


Check out these five recipes for inspiration.


Consumers are demanding more from the beverage side of the menu, and operators are delivering, with innovative takes on lemonades, teas, juices and smoothies.

grain bowls

Bowls are rocking the menu in every segment as a convenient, customizable and flavorful way to present a meal. 


The bounty of late-summer produce available in farmers markets and from local suppliers is the inspiration for these five recipes.

cook something new

These five recipes are a starting point to inspire you to try a different flavor, ingredient or technique. 


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