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cook something new

These five recipes are a starting point to inspire you to try a different flavor, ingredient or technique. 


Stuck in a dessert rut? These five recipes can refresh your repertoire with new ideas by incorporating different flavors, ingredients and combinations. 

hot and spicy

These five recipes use a variety of chili peppers, spicy sauces and hot seasonings to satisfy heat seekers. 

plant-based grain bowl

At the annual Menus of Change conference, held at the end of June at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., guest chefs presented innovative plant-forward...

summer salad

Take advantage of summer bounty by tossing up a variety of fruits and vegetables into colorful, flavorful salads like these.

best burger

Burgers are a tradition at Independence Day cookouts, but even if the July 4th holiday has come and gone, these five recipes should remain on the menu.

summer dessert

Summer calls for desserts that showcase refreshing flavors and no-fuss formats. Ready to tweak your dessert list to fit the season? Start with these five recipes.

summer salad

Summer’s hot weather and lazier days call for lighter, less labor-intensive menus. 

grain bowls

These five recipes will spark some new menu ideas. 

sandwich tower

Looking to spruce up your sandwich lineup with something a little different? These five recipes offer unique twists on carriers, fillings and flavors. 


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