Insights from growers and menu ideas on a variety of ingredients

These on-the-rise ingredients are set to pop on trendsetters' radar.

potato curry

Students wanted something more exciting, and staff delivered.

seasonal dish

At Geisinger, chefs attune the menu to the season as much as possible.

ghyslain chocolatier

In addition to inventive presentations, how are chefs getting the attention of buffet-bored guests? Handheld items and action stations, often in tandem, top the list.

hopdoddy burger

What will be the breakout burger ingredients of 2017—those that can help power LTO sales and help operators shape craveable menus? Here's a look at three making a splash...

brisket beef plate
The demand is up for smoked sausage (+19%), beef brisket (+12%) and beef ribs (+16%) for dinner—a trend noncommercial operators say they are also noticing.
yogurt bread cutting board
The new yogurt era is all about the savory side, replacing full-fat products like sour cream in recipes, and shining as the base for top-your-own bars.
pumpkins squash

 Squash’s versatility makes it suitable as a side or star of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Here’s how four operations are implementing this fall favorite.

assorted fruit

These four flavors are dethroning Sriracha as the fastest-growing menu tastes.


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