Creating Healthier Menus

A collection of healthier menu ideas
stir fry

Chefs are building entrees with smaller amounts of meat, moving vegetables and grains to the center of the plate. 

school nutrition

Here's how operators are motivating customers to get on board with better-for-you foods.


Dietitians are making a healthy impact on the culinary side.

broccoli soup

Innovative recipes are refreshing a lunchtime favorite.

panera food
How to address the concerns of diners still buzzing over this undefinable trend.
healthy dish

How to excite diners about the new face of food as medicine. 

soda bottles

Jazzed-up waters and other low-sugar beverages keep boosting revenue streams. Here’s how three noncommercial operators are keeping up with those rising expectations.

winter salad bar

Make salads feel more seasonal with cold-weather veggies. While salad bars can be the heart of promoting a plant-forward mission, they come with a responsibility.

sea veggies

Just when everyone finally figured out how to pronounce acai, a new superfood may be hitting the scene. Mercifully, it goes by an easier-to-say name: sea vegetables.

veggie breakfast bowl

These six operators are putting plants first on the morning menu. While many chefs have responded by ...


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