Senior Living


Hospital cafe attracts seniors with daily discount

Customers age 65 and over receive a 30% discount on all non-prepackaged items from 4-8 p.m. daily.


Senior living chefs battle against public safety officials in cooking competition

The two teams competed to see who could make the best dish using peppers.

The 30-minute class centered on healthy eating is held once a month.

St. Luke’s Hospital awarded the grant to the Kellyn Foundation and its mobile Eat Real Food market.

The NRAEF’s initiative is turning 1,000 line-level employees into career-minded leaders

Old recruitment methods aren’t working. Here are a few new trends in that increasingly taxing endeavor.

The federal agency says it intends to identify safe sources of the produce.

The food-safety watchdog issued the warning after 32 people were sickened in 11 states from a suspected E. coli contamination.

Three teams of chefs plus a market basket of ingredients equaled dozens of new recipes.

New research pegs what noncommercial operators’ direct competitor for employees is offering prospective hires.

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