Senior Living

Foodservice Operation of the Month

Providence Point: Where everybody knows your name

The senior living communities’ renovated Light Horse Lounge is one of the many dining options available to residents.


Metz puts ancient grains on the menu in honor of American Heart Month

The foodservice provider is debuting 24 different recipes using farro, quinoa and more.

Cura Hospitality rolls out an enhanced waitstaff training program aimed at improving resident experience.

Locally Sourced: The senior living community's mushroom lasagna made with local mushrooms has won over the hearts of residents, even those who are the most devoted of meat eaters.

Cura Hospitality’s BeWell Nutrition for the Active Adult offers rewards for physical activity.

The updated program at Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community aims to provide flexible dining options inspired by the local food scene.

Residents can now gather and grab wine, beer or a cocktail, along with a selection of tavern-style food.

BeWell Nutrition for the Active Adult steers participants toward healthy eating and exercise.

A recent survey shows the impact rising costs are having on the 55-and-over population.

The dining team at Watercress Winter Park served Kartoffelsuppe (German potato soup), Wiener Schnitzel with lemon butter sauce, warm pretzels and more as part of a special Oktoberfest meal.

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