School district replaces plastic water bottles with aluminum cans to cut back on waste

Manhattan Beach Unified School District switched to aluminum canned water at some of its schools at the start of the school year.


Hospital partners with nonprofits to donate excess food

Providence St. Joseph Medical Center donates about 150 pounds of food a week to a local food pantry.

At this California district, conserving resources and cutting waste has become a way of life.

Here's how operators across the country are dealing with food waste and food insecurity.

The waste could be costing schools $1.7 billion each school year.

A unique partnership between the burger chain and Ford will use chaff from coffee beans to make housing for headlamps.

There are a handful of ways that foodservice facilities can be made more environmentally friendly. Check out these three easy ways to get the ball rolling.

The on-campus farm is providing the university with greens such as kale, cilantro, basil and lettuce.

The goal is to roll out the sustainable container program across campus next year.

The farm is located inside its dining facility and grows a variety of herbs and produce.

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