Fordham University's dining team takes a taste-centric plant-forward approach

Two members of the dining team at Fordham University join On-Site with FSD to discuss plant-based strategy and other aspects of sustainable dining at the university.

When it comes to plant-forward fare at Fordham University, the dining team wants to make sure taste and flavor aren’t forgotten. In many ways, the plant-forward offerings at the university often mirror the meat-centric options. The idea behind that is making sure everybody feels included regardless of dietary restrictions, according to Andrew Bell, senior executive chef at the university who joined On-Site with FSD this week, along with Deming Yaun, dining contract liaison for Aramark at Fordham. 

Listen as the two discuss the different aspects of the dining teams’ plant-forward strategy as well as diners’ response to sustainable dining initiatives.

They discuss Coolfood meals at the university and how it was diners themselves demanding low-carbon meals on campus, sparking the initiative.

They also speak on the campus’ hydroponic gardens, or micro-farms, and the work that goes into maintaining them.



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