The table comes to the farm at University of Michigan

At a recent culinary gathering, Michigan Dining chefs cooked up dinner in the fields.

FSD Culinary Council

Driving sustainability on a large scale

How a big university and a big company are moving to reduce their carbon footprint.

Customers of full-service establishments can still get one upon request.

Here are some little things operations are doing to help curb climate change.

The changeover will be complete across campus in about a year and a half.

A college operation has students pick ingredients to be used in a group dinner.

Paterson Public Schools will work with the university to provide training and raise awareness about the environmental effects of food waste.

A medical center has reduced its waste with a multi-pronged approach.

A college operation has staff portion animal protein, while students can take as much produce as they want.

Tossing out food is not only detrimental to the planet; it can also be bad for business.

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