From the judges' corner: Top trends emerging from this year's Kitchen Innovation awards

20 diverse pieces of equipment earned KI awards from the National Restaurant Association Show, each reflecting one or more overriding trends.


4 ways K-12 operators are tackling labor shortages

Faced with staffing shortages, K-12 nutrition directors have come up with creative ways to make sure that kids keep getting fed.

Triple B, a Black-owned foodservice provider for workplaces, schools and event venues, will help Aramark clients overcome labor challenges and improve their diversity.

Deliveries have been added on Saturdays and Sundays to give employees more scheduling flexibility, but customers have discovered a labor benefit as well.

As staffing struggles continue, some foodservice workers might not receive hospitality training, resulting in insensitive or annoying language that can also inhibit sales, Advice Guy says.

The effort will beef up enforcement staffs, increase penalties and have federal agencies work up a national plan.

The National Restaurant Association Show’s 2023 Kitchen Innovation Awards give kudos to cutting-edge equipment.

The bill is intended to expand the hiring pool as labor shortages keep plaguing schools.

Vita by Sodexo will give eligible workers access to life insurance, parental leave and more.

Fifty-six of the 61 employers who participated have stuck with the four-day model, and 15% of the workers said no amount of additional pay would lure them back to a five-day week.

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