State of K-12 foodservice: Rethinking recruitment

Faced with persistent labor challenges, operators continue to come up with new ways to fight short-staffed teams.


How Cobb County Schools keeps employees engaged and open positions to a minimum

The district’s three-part training program provides employees with the skills they need to take the next step in their careers.

Check out how the nutrition team at Cobb County School District updated its recruitment efforts, as shared during the SNA’s Annual National Conference.

Consumers want more plant-based meals, and operators need to consider the budget and labor demands of doing so—Proterra can help.

The concept's fully automated makeline is described as faster and more accurate, and could cut labor costs in half.

Ready to bake batters are convenient, have an extended shelf life and require no additional labor.

The pay floor for downstate New York would rise next year to $16 on way to $17, while other parts of the state would have a mandated minimum of $16.

Here’s what noncommercial operators can look forward to during the May event.

Fringe benefits represent the costs of an employee beyond their wages, which might include Medicare tax, paid sick days and healthcare, says Advice Guy.

Expanded snack options enhance customer’s store experience, drives traffic, boosts sales and offers attractive profitability.

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