Sodexo partners with Women Back to Work to recruit talent

The foodservice company lost up to 40% of its workforce at the height of COVID and now looks to fill a number of managerial positions.


Both sides of $15 wage debate argue new congressional data proves them right

An in-depth economic analysis shows nearly 1 million workers would be pulled out of poverty, but 1.4 million jobs would be eliminated.

Healthcare leaders are adopting many strategies to make sure staff members feel appreciated and accepted during this stressful year.

Matthew Osolin translates his culinary passion into crowd-pleasing dinners without overtaxing the kitchen.

These employees had been furloughed since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has transformed foodservice, creating a space robots appear uniquely suited to fill.

Turn good service into hiring opportunities with a simple business card.

As operators struggle to find labor, fill open positions and reduce turnover, a few strategies can help streamline processes to make up for this shortage.

As of 2021, salaried employees who earn less than $45,500 will be entitled to time and a half for hours that exceed 12 per day or 40 per week.

Check out seven intriguing labor ideas from the commercial side of the business.

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