Hospital nutrition team celebrates Mother’s Day with handmade charcuterie board sale

Staff and visitors can purchase a wooden board along with different cheeses and spreads.


A cooking competition turns into a recruiting event for Aberdeen Heights retirement community

Cura Hospitality, the facility’s new foodservice provider, staged “Chef Wars” to introduce residents to the kitchen. One volunteer was so impressed, he joined the culinary team.

The new space includes better seating, an open floor plan and more dining options for hospital staff and guests.

Patients dealing with food insecurity receive a box of food to take home when they’re discharged.

Just to qualify for the Chopped-style competition, Director Trula Hepner and chef Hayley Hill had to prepare 750 servings of an appetizer.

The hospital eatery’s new design is modern, airy and imparts a sense of calm.

The robots, named Robbie and Stoney, carry plates between the kitchen and dining room.

Cook-serve equipment replaced the old cook-chill operation, resulting in scratch-made meals and restaurant-style service.

Hoosier Village Retirement Community is using the robots to bring dishes back and forth between the kitchen and dining room.

Diners are being treated to different healthy global dishes and wellness tips.

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