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Operators at The Yard are ready for the Giants to play ball

The Giants created The Yard in March 2015 in part as a campaign tool for the larger Mission Rock Development Project, which passed the November ballot.

Steal This Idea

Maximize student feeding times

Pulaski County Special School District maximizes student eating time by using lunch room monitors to expedite the breakfast cafeteria line process.

The food truck's menu will reflect what the chef wants to curate each day, officials say.

The partitioned, compostable cups that hold breakfast yogurt parfaits sparked healthy grab-and-go ideas throughout the day at University of Texas at Austin.

Group Editor Kelly Killian hunted down a vending machine after MenuDirections one night, only to find it full of protein bars and healthy snacks.

The food cart aims to provide alternative meal options for students who want to leave campus for lunch, officials say.

Officials hope ‘Dine and Dash’ will provide on-the-go students with more meal options before and during school.

The kiosks at North Rowan and Salisbury High Schools are set up just inside the main doors where students can choose a juice, fruit and muffin.

A behind-the-scenes tour of the movable foodservice operations at Austin Convention Center in Texas during its busiest event of the year.

One elementary school in the Virginia-based district saw an uptick of 117 percent, officials say.

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