Take a look at Greenville County Schools’ newest eatery inside Roper Mountain Science Center

The cafeteria and kitchen will provide lunch to students who are visiting the center for field trips and will also act as a training space for students with disabilities.


Smart food lockers enhance the order pickup process

Dining services will need to improve their digital offerings to meet customer expectations and stand out from the competition.

The fast casual’s targeted menu, competitive price point and sustainable mission resonates well with college students.

The dining hall in Emory University's student center offers a diverse global menu in a restaurant-style setting aimed to build community.

Felicia Wilson has worked in Alabama A&M’s foodservice department for over 50 years.

The winning design will be used for the nutrition teams’ serving carts, uniforms and more.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Urban Bytes aims to serve students a wide selection of international cuisines.

Kansas City Art Institute meets a broad range of student preferences at its new Wylie Dining Center.

The team at Kansas City Art Institute used the opening celebrations for its Wylie Dining Center and Cafe Nerman to further the spaces’ community message.

Kansas City Art Institute’s newest eatery was designed to be a fixture on campus.

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