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Technology & Equipment

Location matters: 3 tips for where to place food lockers

Adding smart food lockers is now an easy choice for many foodservice programs. After all, students love mobile ordering and the convenience of self-serve pickup on their own schedule.   Howeve...

Technology & Equipment

Why pickup shelves are a black hole for profits and efficiency

How operators can gain control of takeout and delivery orders

Many foodservice operators have likely heard all the buzz about smart lockers. But for those who are curious yet unsure exactly where to start the vetting process, it’s helpful to learn more about the...

Over the past two years, amid the surge of off-premise dining, ghost kitchens saw unprecedented growth and success. The growth of these technology-driven, off-premise-only facilities accelerated ra...

Dining services will need to improve their digital offerings to meet customer expectations and stand out from the competition.

By automating the order handoff to a guest, dining spaces have the opportunity to boost guest satisfaction and safety, too.