4 stealable ideas to power up college dining

A recent culinary conference provided much food for thought—and action.

FSD Culinary Council

4 ways chefs are making their menus stand out

Here’s how members of FSD’s Chefs’ Council are looking beyond the ordinary when it comes to their menu items.

Expand your industry knowledge with these staples.

Every foodservice operator wants to offer more contemporary items in order to please their customer base and keep chefs challenged and engaged. But finding that just-right item takes work.

FoodService Director and the James Beard Foundation invite you to join the Blended Burger Project™, a movement that strives to make burgers better.

Sometimes it pays to find a local chef partner who can lend some expertise to a special project. But the trick is in finding the right person—and knowing how it will affect your operations.

The vendor and chef will collaborate at such venues as stadiums and college campuses.

Every week, Acadia's cooks pick an experimental kitchen project to expand their skills, culminating in a Friday contest where they cook a new dish that puts them out of their comfort zone.

Skidmore College patterned its chef culinary competition after the one pioneered by the University of Massachusetts. This year, 11 teams of college chefs registered.

Question:What’s the biggest annual dining event at your operation, and how do you make it special?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilThroughout the year, we have two types of large events that are wel...

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