menu development

coffee flavors
These nine flavors are diners’ morning favorites.
Dietitians are making a healthy impact on the culinary side.
See how flavor preferences break out among demographic groups.
food snap
One operation started a 50-member vegan team in response to students expressing the need for more vegan options.
One operation set up an interactive collaboration with its dietetics department where students worked with the culinary team to test how recipes are produced.
salad bowl
Big bowls allow students to load up on their favorite salads and customize with additional ingredients from around the servery.
panera food
How to address the concerns of diners still buzzing over this undefinable trend.
carrot ginger
See what a school's mostly vegan cafe is serving up to students. ...
Aramark super bowl
Aramark is serving up Minnesota specialties along with Patriots’ and Eagles’ tribute food. ...
boar burger
Restaurant customers selected these five blended burgers as the most appealing.


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