legislation & regulation

empty school cafeteria
Here are a few of the sticky wickets that will greet K-12 FSDs on the first day of school.
A coalition of workers is fighting Seattle's proposal to place limits on how far ahead of time employers can set and alter staff schedules...
A Labor Department investigation revealed workers were illegally denied pay.
After considering public feedback, only slight changes have been made to the rules.
The new rules apply to hotel restaurants, arenas and stadiums.
A survey of executives reveal that the tradition of letting managers handle some administrative tasks at home may be about to end.
The association is not optimistic on the passage of child nutrition legislation during this fiscal year.
A survey shows fears of legal actions from new regulations are running high.
The presumptive presidential nominee says K-12 foodservice workers deserve a raise.
Enforcement of a measure requiring employers to disclose conversations with labor consultants during unionization drives has been blocked temporarily until a pending lawsuit is decided.


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