legislation and regulation


University meal plans could be affected by soda tax

Temple University students may see plan costs go up at the start of the next school year.


Politicians request letter grades for NYC school cafeterias

The city’s 1,800 public school cafeterias received 8,114 health violations in the past year.

The department says the web-based process will improve the programs’ integrity.

A federal judge has temporarily suspended enactment of the new overtime rules. But where does that leave foodservice operations, in the short term and for the long haul?

This election season shook up the status quo. Here's where operators might feel the reverberations.

Foodservice operators in four states will be required to pay a higher minimum wage as a result of voters’ decision on Tuesday to enact a pay hike.

The lift is aimed to reduce waste, as students were rejecting plain milk and throwing away the containers.

Students are maxed out at four shots of espresso in coffee drinks.

A measure passed yesterday along party lines would grant foodservice operators and other employers a six-month extension to contend with the new regulations.

A lawsuit was filed yesterday by 21 attorneys general to block adoption on Dec. 1.

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