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Bill introduced to allow whole milk in schools

The federal proposal is intended to encourage kids to drink more milk.


Lawmakers reach tentative deal on 2018 farm bill

The bill will not include restrictions that could have caused almost 265,000 children to lose free school meals.

The federal agency says it intends to identify safe sources of the produce.

The bill would require schools to provide a USDA-reimbursable meal to students even if they cannot pay.

The city will spend $1 million on a pilot program offering the meals.

After a six-month grace period, use of the familiar foam packaging will be stopped.

An estimated 500 schools are now required to offer breakfast during the school day.

Members plan to introduce a bill that would take processed items out of public school cafeterias.

Here's an inside look at which states are seeking to end the controversial practice.

The bill faces one more vote to move to the state Senate.