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Maine reintroduces lunch shaming bill

While it supports the idea behind it, the Maine School Nutrition Association opposes the bill due to concerns of lunch debt increasing throughout the state.


California bill introduced to encourage plant-based options at schools

Healthy, Climate-Friendly School Lunch Act would provide state support for staff training, recipe development.

Schools who use local ingredients would be reimbursed based upon the number of meals served.

Schools qualify for the program if 70% of their students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches.

The federal proposal is intended to encourage kids to drink more milk.

The bill will not include restrictions that could have caused almost 265,000 children to lose free school meals.

The federal agency says it intends to identify safe sources of the produce.

The bill would require schools to provide a USDA-reimbursable meal to students even if they cannot pay.

The city will spend $1 million on a pilot program offering the meals.

After a six-month grace period, use of the familiar foam packaging will be stopped.

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