legislation and regulation


New law requires high-poverty N.J. schools to serve breakfast after the morning bell

An estimated 500 schools are now required to offer breakfast during the school day.


NYC Council tackles processed food in schools

Members plan to introduce a bill that would take processed items out of public school cafeterias.

Here's an inside look at which states are seeking to end the controversial practice.

The bill faces one more vote to move to the state Senate.

The agencies will collaborate on produce safety measures and biotechnology.

It's now illegal in some areas to ask job applicants particular questions, or to serve a certain Asian dish.

A new rule relaxes restrictions formerly placed on milk, sodium and whole grains.

The rules and regulations to keep an eye out for in your area including scheduling, minimum wage, and paid family leave changes.  

One main challenge facing operators today is finding the right menu software, especially with looming menu-labeling regulations and increasing consumer demand for data.

School officials are deciding whether they should limit the amount of sweetened beverages served in dining halls or eliminate them altogether.

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