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Powering up plant-forward

Consider these actionable ideas from the 2019 Menus of Change Summit


15 items rocking menus around the globe

Technomic’s look into worldwide menu innovation packs some surprises.

Chefs are taking on a bigger role in the effort to reduce waste.

Farmers markets are in full swing and fresh produce is in abundance, putting both chefs and customers in the mood for veg-centric dishes. The five recipes here showcase some of the best seasonal selections.

Sandwiches share similar components—carriers, fillings and condiments. But to build a standout sandwich, those components should be layered to complement the ingredients’ textures and flavors. These five sandwich recipes do just that.

It’s no surprise that respondents named hiring, training or managing staff as their greatest source of stress.

Technomic tracks the latest ingredients and flavors to trickle down from independent restaurants.

Almost 14% of restaurant visits are made in order to purchase a snack, according to Technomic, and consumers report that they are replacing meals with snacks more often.

Here’s what Gen Zers of legal drinking age are looking for in establishments that serve alcohol, according to Technomic data.

What do consumers approaching drinking age want to imbibe—and what does that say about what’s trending?

As the weather warms up, customers begin to crave lighter desserts with fresh, fruity flavors. These five new recipes will take your menu in a sweet, seasonal direction.

AI and other advancements can enhance operations. But when should you take the plunge?

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