Cura expands fresh meal service around the clock with automated solution

Fulton County Medical Center and other Cura-managed hospitals go 24/7 with "The Lunch Box."
lunch box cooler
The automated Lunch Box cooler is installed in the iCare Lounge for convenient access to meals 24/7. | Photo courtesy of Cura Hospitality.

Fulton County Medical Center in McConnellsburg, Pa. just launched an automated foodservice solution called “The Lunch Box,” offering hospital staff and visitors fresh, convenient meals and snacks to go, 24/7.

Set up in the hospital’s iCare Lounge, hungry customers simply swipe with a credit or debit card to purchase freshly made salads, wraps, homemade soups, lasagna, chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and assorted desserts. Through an app, Cura team members can monitor the inventory stored in The Lunch Box cooler.

“Considering most employees only have 30 minutes for their lunch break, this new option will save them a ton of time,” said Cura Hospitality General Manager Lou DeMaio in a statement. “And the app provides the team with real-time information on what has been purchased, what needs to be restocked and feedback from customers so we can provide the best on-the-go dining experience.”

A microwave is positioned next to The Lunch Box cooler so customers can reheat meals with the instructions provided. Eventually, the kitchen plans to add more dinners for two, hot foods and holiday desserts.

“We wanted to do something special for our employees at the iCare Lounge, especially for those who are working or visiting the hospital when the cafe is closed,” said Michael Straley, executive director of the Foundation at Fulton County Medical Center. “This was truly a team effort with Cura Hospitality, our dining partner, who collaborated with us on identifying the best technology and cooler as an optimal and flexible 24/7 automated solution.” 

The Lunch Box is also being launched at other Cura-managed hospitals, including TidalHealth in Seaford, Delaware.



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