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6 emerging menu trends that may go mainstream

These ingredients and flavors could be poised to trickle down to noncommercial.


Recipe report: Chicken takes on global flavors

Chicken is a blank canvas for a world of flavors. This versatile, cost-effective protein shows up in almost every global and regional American cuisine. Four of these recipes give chicken an ethnic twist, while the fifth showcases a Southern favorite.

Ethnic cues are reshaping meals with a plant-forward spin.

Founder Michael Schultz tells “Menu Feed” how the expanding all-day chain is setting itself apart in a competitive segment.

Plant-based menu options are in high demand—and vegans aren’t the only ones ordering them up. A growing number of flexitarians are choosing vegetable-forward dishes several times a week. These five recipes will help freshen up your plant-based offerings to appeal to both groups of diners.

Though summer is winding down, there’s still plenty of time to feed customers’ cravings for something cold and sweet.

The PSL and other fall beverages are coming to coffee chains in late August.

On the rise for five years straight, these once-hot menu trends are starting to cool down.

Seafood is in high demand for its flavor, healthfulness and versatility, but it can be a pricier protein. To get the most bang for the buck, it’s smart to feature fish or shellfish in appetizers or small plates or source underutilized species. For inspiration, check out these five recipes.

As catering and delivery programs grow, so does the need for food that travels well. Here’s how restaurants are adapting.

Developers aren’t relying only on established brands—they're allotting space and financial support for aspiring restaurateurs to test concepts.

Elevate grab-and-go items by tapping into today’s top trends.

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