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Recipe report: Plant-powered plates

The demand keeps growing for plant-based and veggie-forward dishes, and scratch-made items can tempt even the most devoted meat eaters. These five recipes make the most of nuts, grains and beans to showcase plants in tasty ways.


How Just Salad keeps innovating the menu while advancing its sustainability mission

From scratch-made bowls to next-gen meal kits, culinary director Jhonny Castro is differentiating the fast casual.

GM Lynda Fonderoli has all the COVID protocols in place and a fan-friendly menu to match. This is her seventh NCAA Final Four tournament and the third at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Suppliers and operators are moving beyond burgers and breakfast meats to grow along with the plant protein trend.

Catering programs are being packaged in new ways to win back lost business.

Pi Day has evolved into a March celebration, happening every year on 3.14, the numerical value of pi. It also makes a good excuse to add some sweet and savory pies to the menu. Pizza, hand pies, tarts and more can all qualify, as these five recipes demonstrate.

Increased demand has heightened the need for new and different types of containers.

March can be a tricky month to create a salad menu, as spring ingredients are not yet available in many areas and winter produce is getting a bit boring. These five recipes bridge the seasonal gap and can easily freshen up your salad selection.

From cocktails to go to a rotating list of seasonal drinks, Beverage Director Nicole Quist is all about keeping it fresh.

The latest data from the Produce for Better Health Foundation reveals that vegetable and fruit consumption is down.

Whole grains make a smart addition to today’s menus—they’re nutritious, always in season, delivery-friendly and adaptable to many global preparations. Get more grains into breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes with these five recipes.

The fresh vending company has also relocated some of its fridges in hospitals and universities.

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