What's impacting menus in the year ahead

Lizzy Freier, director of menu research and insights for Technomic, digs into 2024’s top trends and predictions.

Towards the end of every year, Technomic releases its annual predictions for the year ahead. Lizzy Freier, director of menu research and insights, worked with her team of researchers and analysts to compile Technomic’s report, “What’s in Store for 2024.” She joins the podcast to talk about the data-based trends that rose to the top.


Lizzy Freier

Freier digs into the report to reveal vivid details behind the predictions. Listen to find out how weather is impacting menus, why breakfast and brunch are rising in popularity, how TikTok is influencing what we eat in restaurants and why 2024 is “the year of the tomato.”

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