Top accomplishment this year:
Collaborating with other school districts to efficiently accomplish common goals, improve program quality and perception, and achieve cost-saving results for our individual programs.

What would you say you excel at over more seasoned employees?
I work hard to listen, even to what people are not saying. I find this to be especially helpful when relating to colleagues that are both older and younger than me. My ability to perceive their frustrations or challenges before they tell me allows me to get ahead of potential problems.

What experience have you learned an important lesson from?
I learn important lessons from students each day, and I take time away from my office to engage with them. I equally value their extremely honest feedback and their lessons on the latest trending dance moves. As a 30-something, I realize that I have more work to do to remain relevant with our target audience than when I first started working.

Why do you think the noncommercial market is viewed as a less attractive career path than the restaurant business?
I think people tend to view the noncommercial market in a similar way that they view an off-brand product compared to a brand-name product. At first glance, the commercial market is more attractive, comfortable and exciting. In reality, there are many similarities between the two, and even some rewarding advantages of the “off-brand.”