Top accomplishment this year:
Helped onboard 25 international chefs and sent three U.S. chefs abroad for Sodexo’s Global Chef Exchange program.

What’s been your most rewarding moment?
One of my most rewarding moments came 10 years ago, when I was selected as one of 12 culinary professionals to represent Sodexo as we provided foodservice during the Rugby World Cup in Paris. That moment really showed me how much my leadership valued my work and my service to the company.

What would you like to accomplish in your career in the long term?
I would like to be able to help as many culinary professionals grow their careers, live out their culinary dreams and create a stable career that would provide personal fulfilment and support to their families.

What's the one thing you wish you could change about the industry?
I would change the fact that many people think that the CEO is more important than the grill cook or the dishwasher.