Top accomplishment this year:
Together with my team, made a positive impact in our patients’ lives with little gestures or conversations.

What experience have you learned an important lesson from?
I am the safety champion for the state of Michigan, and I have learned a lot just by following up on injury reports. I always take a lesson from all of them, and I always try to share it within the region, so my mission is to ensure that all my associates can return home injury-free.

Do you use or view technology differently than your coworkers? If so, how?
I love technology. I’m always trying to innovate and create new tools to help the operation. I designed a menu slide for one of the accounts, and it became a best practice within the state of Michigan. Earlier this year, I also developed a sales tracker for retail sales.

What attracted you to the noncommercial foodservice segment?
Noncommercial healthcare is more human than restaurants, where you are entertaining. I feel so humbled after rounds at some of the units in the hospital.