Top accomplishment this year:
Being recognized as a “rising star” from my leadership team, which has allowed me to attend national events, create relationships with leaders in our sector and participate in decision-making meetings for my division.

What would you say you excel at over more seasoned employees?
Being a millennial, I’m able to provide insight to what the age group is interested in (in terms of food and technology), and I’d like to think I’m pretty tech-savvy.

What’s the best career advice you’ve been given?
“Never turn down a job because it’s not glamorous. Foodservice is a huge industry—the more well-rounded you are, the more successful you will be.”

What attracted you to the noncommercial foodservice segment?
I really liked the consistency—from the weekday schedules to working with the same team members to the consistent population we serve daily. As a dietitian, I’m able to work with our clients to assess employees’ health needs and alter our menus and wellness programs appropriately and actually track our progress. This industry allows me to pursue my passion for foodservice and community health and wellness together.