Top accomplishment this year:
Increasing the share of food purchases that qualify as local or sustainable by 15%.

What’s the best career advice you’ve been given?
After the first few months in my new role, Bon Appetit’s director of communications reminded me to keep fighting for what I believe. It’s helped me stay grounded and not get so easily swept up in the everyday challenges and minutiae.

What do you value most in a workplace?
I value the willingness to try something new, and maybe even fail. I am encouraged by upper management and my coworkers to constantly re-examine the way we are doing things and pursue opportunities for innovation.

What keeps you up at night?
I find that a lot of people think buying local is solely a function of price. Currently we’re on the lookout for a year-round source of a handful of local agricultural products—from turkey to bulk cheeses; however, the supply doesn’t exist yet in Georgia. As a large buyer, we have the power to support the growth of these new industries. Sometimes, I find myself daydreaming about supply chain logistics.