School district partners with local chefs to raise funds for farm-to-school program

The chefs will host a cafeteria-inspired meal at one of their restaurants later this month.


California bill introduced to encourage plant-based options at schools

Healthy, Climate-Friendly School Lunch Act would provide state support for staff training, recipe development.

Schools who use local ingredients would be reimbursed based upon the number of meals served.

Schools qualify for the program if 70% of their students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches.

In less than one week, the initiative racked up donations totaling more than $1,650.

The benefit raised enough money to fund half of the program’s annual budget.

The pharmacy is designed to provide healthy, nutritious food to families facing food insecurity.

The federal proposal is intended to encourage kids to drink more milk.

As record-low temperatures grip large swaths of the Midwest, foodservice operators continue to feed a variety of customers—whether they be students, patients or staff. Here’s how they’re doing it.

The charity will donate $5,000 to eliminate meal debt in the district and is looking to set up a fund to help long term.