Hospital expands food access for staff, guests with smart fridge

The fridge allows customers to grab food even when the cafe isn’t open.


Chartwells Higher Ed rolls out ghost kitchen program nationwide

Virtual kitchens continue to build momentum in noncommercial and elsewhere.

Recent initiatives from Kitchen United and others signal a fresh frontier for delivery-only facilities.

The buses are expected to save almost 490 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over their lifetime.

A new venture will operate as a delivery-focused food hall out of Graduate hotel properties.

As many employees continue to work remotely, the traditional company cafeteria is changing.

Around 50 families at Miami-Dade Public Schools are receiving school supplies and fresh produce from the district's food forests each week.

Market Next allows students to walk in, grab what they want and leave without ever physically checking out.

The food service industry continues to face the coronavirus pandemic head on.

The pandemic has transformed foodservice, creating a space robots appear uniquely suited to fill.

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