Chicken provides a versatile base for menu innovation

Chicken remains the most affordable and versatile of proteins, offering K-12 foodservice operators a centerpiece for menu innovation that meets consumer demands for global flavors.


District hosts Apple Crunch event with themed menu and more

Lincoln Public Schools featured a variety of apple-themed dishes, including apple calzones and apple and spinach pasta.

Diners are able to enjoy dishes such as roasted pear flatbread with smoked blue cheese and candied walnuts.

The nutrition team at Cedar Tree Academy partnered with commercial chefs to share best practices and come up with new dishes that would please both students and families.

The foodservice provider planned and executed the annual Faith, Field and Feast event, sourcing hyperlocal ingredients to create a seasonal menu.

Dried fruits and vegetables, including California Figs, can help operators create craveable, delicious, better-for-you options without adding the stress of a short shelf life.

For those building menus for K-12 schools and Gen Z students, try these three tips for experimenting with flavors from around the world!

The renovated Raymond Dining Hall features 10 stations, including a popular platform where students can cook their own customized meals.

Discover all the delicious and unexpected ways Lee Kum Kee Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce can make your entire menu sparkle with umami, otherwise known as the fifth flavor.

Interested in adding more fun yogurt options to the menu? Try these three formats that put yogurt creativity and safety first!

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