Healthcare Spotlight


Hospital cafeterias to be replaced with retail

Cafeterias are closing down at some Quinte Health Care hospitals and will be replaced with auxiliary cafes or retail food operations.


At Indiana hospital, co-workers do the hiring interviews, too

The peer process yields better screening, an easier onboarding and more comfort for all, according to the FSD.

Jackson Elementary students not only receive a free breakfast, but also have more opportunities each morning for physical activity and academic help.

Instead of imposing limitations on the menu, the plant-centric focus pushes chefs to get creative in developing vegetarian dishes that resonate with all.

The American Culinary Federation and Epicurean Club of Boston have named Addison Gilbert’s David Gauvin as the recipient of the award.

Licking Valley Elementary School has made the switch to biodegradable lunch trays this fall.

Students are invited to take a journey along with their food.

Essentia Health-St. Mary's Medical Center’s new restaurant, Northern Lights Café, is being hailed by local media as the go-to eatery on campus.

An FSD shares how to hedge some of the issues when introducing healthier menus.

Experts at the University of California, San Francisco want them to be more like the fast-casual chain and phase out their use of antibiotic-loaded meat.

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