Healthcare Spotlight


How a hospital plans to use culinary classes for patient outreach

When guests at Boston Children’s Hospital stop at the cafeteria that opens June 30, they’ll be able to grab some cooking knowhow along with their Starbucks latte.


American Heart Association petitions to keep school meal rules

The health group is fighting back against special interest groups that are lobbying Congress to roll back requirements of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

Tom Kiernan spent much of his professional cooking career at institutions like colleges and hospitals. He's heard the jokes, especially about hospital food.

San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center will no longer sell or provide any sugar-sweetened beverages on campus, but offer healthier drinks.

The generation isn’t looking to have three square meals in a main room, but instead, prefers a “country club approach,” enabling them to choose where to dine.

Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital’s Thomas Thaman learned the importance of communicating a foodservice department’s needs while working with consultants.

A 200-foot vertical greenhouse proposed by a University of Kentucky student created buzz at a town hall meeting, as a Kentucky community seeks to draw visitors in the wake of a natural disaster.

This week, The Urban School Food Alliance, a coalition of the six largest school districts in the United States, will feature fresh fruits and vegetables in school meals and encourage students to make healthy choices.

In making the switch, environmental advocates hope the trays will be healthier for the city's more than 1 million public school students and cut down on trash sent to landfills.

This year's winners achieved and excelled at no-cost physical activity opportunities before and after school, universal breakfast, school gardens, tobacco-free environments and physical education, among other things.

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