Bon Appetit launches new ordering system that targets personalized diets

The Curated platform can be found at college and corporate eateries.
Photo: Shutterstock

Bon Appetit Management Company has debuted a new ordering system that allows diners to more easily identify which items on a given menu they can eat.

Through the Curated platform, guests can filter an eatery’s menu options with a number of dietary preferences or restrictionssuch as plant-forward, high-protein and low-carb, and gluten-freeas well as customize their meal to their specific needs.

The app-based system is in place at some Bon Appetit operations on college and corporate campuses.

“Curated fills an essential niche for a growing number of guests who are seeking personalized options without the stress of sifting through menus to meet their needs,” Terri Brownlee, director of nutrition and wellness for Bon Appetit, said in a statement. 

The app serves up options that meet the needs of 12 different diet types, according to Bon Appetit, and also aims to help diners with allergies avoid certain ingredients. 

Addressing the needs of diners with food allergies has been a big push for the foodservice management company, which earlier this year launched a line of meals for quarantining college students that are free of the eight major food allergens, as well as gluten. 



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