Bon Appetit debuts an app aimed at slashing food waste

The company’s parent Compass Group is also using the Waste Not platform at operations in healthcare, higher ed and elsewhere.
food waste
Photo: Shutterstock

Foodservice management company Bon Appetit is rolling out an app targeted at reducing food waste in its dining operations. 

With the platform, dubbed Waste Not, Bon Appetit employees can track waste using tablets in the back of house, and a color-coded system helps staff differentiate between food waste that is and isn’t preventable.

Waste Not is also being used by Bon Appetit’s parent company, Compass Group, at its operations in healthcare, higher ed and elsewhere. 

“Waste Not is changing the way our employees see, understand and talk about food waste,” Claire Cummings Bogle, Bon Appetit’s waste programs manager, said in a statement. “When it’s everyone’s job to track food waste, it becomes everyone’s job to prevent it. Already we’re seeing better communication and collaboration on preventing and reducing food waste in our kitchens.”

Bon Appetit has put a number of sustainability initiatives in place as the company looks to the future, earlier this year announcing a goal to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 38% per calorie of food by the year 2030.



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