Inside NYC's new Starbucks/Amazon Go hybrid

The combination unit is the first from the two brands, offering a high-tech, contactless experience.


The state of C&U foodservice: Upping innovation

Social distancing brought a whole new meaning to student engagement.

Today’s machines offer everything from ramen to pizza, and many of the companies behind them are aiming to expand their reach.

Knowing that consumers are generally more comfortable with digital food technology than they have been in the past, noncommercial operators can tailor their offerings to meet customers’ expectations for safety, convenience and simplicity.

Implementing more effective food safety systems is one investment that can help ease worries about food safety and bring peace of mind to foodservice operators.

With a reduced workforce in office buildings, restaurants are stepping in as an alternative to the employee cafeteria.

The lockers will provide contactless service for students, faculty and staff.

Kiwibot and Starship Technologies are providing the delivery fleets.

Foodee offers menus items from local restaurants in 14 cities.

TikTok has enabled Juan Zamorano of San Diego Unified School District to share his love of scratch-made meals and expand his skillset.

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