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Darthmouth Tuck School of Business tries out Mashgin's AI-self checkout

Mashgin’s AI-self checkout allows diners to check out in under 15 seconds on average.
Mashgin's kiosks.
Mashgin's kiosks are deployed at more than 3,700 locations. | Photo courtesy of Mashgin.

Dartmouth Tuck School of Business is trying out AI-self checkout. To that end, the school has deployed Mashgin’s self-checkout technology at its dining facility. The goal behind the kiosks is to speed up the checkout experience. Average transaction times at Mashgin kiosks average between 10 and 15 seconds.

The kiosks use AI-powered computer vision to ring up objects up to 10 times faster than traditional checkout, according to a statement.

“We initially piloted Mashgin’s technology in a 24/7 unmanned convenience store. Our students loved the technology and ease of use,” said Amelia Heidenreich, general manager of Tuck Dining and Catering, in a statement. “We decided to add a second unit to our dining hall to increase the speed of service, and we may consider deploying more.”

Mashgin’s technology is currently deployed at more than 3,700 locations, including at over 30 universities. The machines can also be found in more than 100 major league sports stadiums, thousands of convenience stores and corporate dining facilities in the U.S.

“Our deployment at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business helps to improve the checkout experience for countless students every day,” said Brandon Scott, Mashgin’s vice president of sales. “While Mashgin has grown significantly in sports venues and convenience stores in the past few years, corporate and student dining facilities continue to be an important use case for Mashgin and one where we can save students and employees valuable time.”



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