Menu Trends


College and B&I chefs look to cook inside and outside the box this fall

Takeout continues to trend, but diners can expect creativity to flow into other service styles and menu categories.


Familiar spins on global tastes appeal to K-12 students

As once-novel global cuisines have extended their reach, more young consumers have grown up accustomed to more flavor-diverse offerings.

As global cuisines rise in popularity, it makes sense that more foodservice operators are working hard to get new and exciting dishes onto the menu.

Chick-N-Bap, operating exclusively on college campuses, grew by innovating during the pandemic.

Popular brands appeal to customers because they are trusted and familiar; they communicate a hallmark of quality and good taste.

Residents were able to enjoy a seasonally themed meal as they viewed the live-streamed demo.

Bowls and all-day breakfast are just some of the trends Chartwells K12 believes will strike a chord with young diners this year.

This year, time has been an extremely valuable resource for foodservice workers.

With many employees still working remotely, B&I providers are finding new ways to nourish them.

Americans seem to be as conflicted as ever about choosing between health and indulgence.

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