Menu Trends


Pink food is trending, adding a healthy, rosy glow to the menu

Technomic’s 2023 predictions include an increase in bold, pink-hued ingredients, some with health-promoting properties.


Build-your-own poke bowls a hit with Broward County Public Schools

In response to student feedback, BCPS created a Hoke Poke station that pops up at the district’s high schools.

Technomic’s research points operators to the flavors, ingredients and menu items that consumers find most appealing.

At the signature noncommercial event put on by FSD, foodservice operators learned that menus truly are going in new directions.

Sodexo Live! is partnering with operators to win over fans with a creative food and drink lineup.

Sodexo Live! chefs teamed up with the football players to create the menu items. A new kids menu and dessert sampler also kick off the season.

Some districts are increasingly turning to lentils, beans, grains and veggies to create inventive school lunches.

Global flavors are trending in restaurants, and for K-12 foodservice, the push to expand the menu to include some of these flavors is big.

See how Delaware North, Sodexo and other operators are bringing regional flair and community-focused ingredients to the fore.

As students across the country prepare to head back to college this fall, foodservice operators are preparing, too—for diners’ new preferences toward plant-based and global options. According to Techn...

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