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Universal free meals bill heads to Illinois governor’s desk

Also in this week’s legislative update: Rhode Island’s Senate passes two universal free meals bills.


Pork suppliers warn a significant price hike is coming

They say a new decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is certain to increase growers' costs while cutting into supplies.

Also in this week’s legislative update: Georgia gives cafeteria staff a pay raise, and senators in Vermont say yes to universal free meals.

Also in this week’s legislative update: A handful of states introduce universal free meals bills, and a new Oklahoma law will allow schools to donate leftover food.

The School Meals During School Closures Act would enable waivers allowing free and reduced-price meals to be served during strikes, inclement weather and more.

A federal court ruled that the prohibition violated federal energy regulations.

Also in this week’s legislation update: North Carolina debuts two bills related to school nutrition, and Massachusetts funds universal free meals through the end of the school year.

The state says it's now developing a system to channel the money down to the victims, which include foodservice operations.

Also in this week’s legislative update: Louisiana introduces a universal free meals bill, while Montana lawmakers table theirs.

Also in this week’s K-12 legislative update: Pennsylvania looks to continue its universal free breakfast program and a federal bill would require schools to serve soy milk.

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