legislation and regulation


Federal bill would increase reimbursement rate for after-school meals served through CACFP

The Child Care Nutrition Act would increase the reimbursement rates for all CACFP-eligible meals and snacks served by 10 cents.


DOJ wants stronger protections under the ADA for employees with alcohol issues

The department has filed a court action against a Minnesota town for requiring an employee to pay for proof of sobriety.

With big-name backing, Tucson operator Grant Krueger sues to prevent a farming change that's expected to drive up egg prices.

The Farm to School Act would increase funding for Patrick Leahy Farm to School Program from $5 million to $10 million.

Dr. Katie Wilson shares how the team’s new partnership with the USDA will help schools tackle their biggest procurement pain points.

Also in this week’s K-12 legislative update: New York schools can apply for new farm-to-school grant funding and federal lawmakers introduce another bill that would raise school meal reimbursement rates.

The new partnership will provide tools and resources to school nutrition programs to help them with procurement challenges.

Starting in January, added sugar in school meals served in the state will be restricted to no more than 25 grams of added sugar per day.

Senate bill 2943 would require schools to offer fluid milk substitutes if requested by students, parents or guardians.

A new bill would direct the USDA to pay off all existing meal debt owed to schools.

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