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Longtime Foodservice Packaging Institute leader Lynn Dyer to step down this fall

Dyer is leaving the association of packaging manufacturers to become vice president of sustainability for one of its members.


U.S. House of Representatives approves a $15 minimum wage

The Raise the Wage Act, approved in the Democratic-controlled House on party lines, now moves to the Republican-controlled Senate.

A federal grant of $4.5 million will be used by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to prepare current and former prison inmates for restaurant jobs.

The so-called living wage would kill about 1.3 million jobs, according to a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Here are five reads that are pertinent to the business, as written by some of its storied successes.

The increases will bring several regions closer to a rate of $15 an hour and push San Francisco through that barrier. 

Noncommercial operators may want to watch these trends brewing on the commercial side of the industry, spotted by FoodService Director's sister magazine Restaurant Business.

Alternate sources of labor could prove a boon for operators.

But the costs of those products are also climbing steeply.

Prime Minister Trudeau says his administration will also work with the country’s provinces to require a plastic litter cleanup by foodservice operations and other users of nonbiodegradable packaging.

A new study offers some insights.

The onetime busboy was selected from the top operators in nine foodservice categories.

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