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N.Y. county bans unvaccinated minors from area eateries

Rockland County says the measure is necessary because a measles outbreak has reached crisis proportions.


Former Marriott executive Fred Malek dies at 82

In a career that shifted from politics to business and back, the West Point graduate led one of the industry’s largest foodservice operations and later invested in several others through The Carlyle Group.

The American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics say hospitals and medical centers could change social norms by showcasing how they lead consumers to healthier beverages.

The measure is expected to cost the foodservice industry tens if not hundreds of millions in additional overtime pay and prompt some operators to turn supervisory positions into hourly jobs.

Restaurant advocates argue that more than doubling the lowest pay rate would backfire, causing a loss of jobs.

The call for two weeks of paid time off for virtually all employees of foodservice operations and other businesses is drawing a spotlight.

The latest labor dynamics may surprise operators.

Fostering a connection with hourlies and managers can improve everything from kitchen safety to absenteeism and sales.

A new report from a federal watchdog details immigrants being served rotten meat and moldy bread.

The new legislation also extends the don’t ask-don’t get requirement of state law to grab-and-go places.

Chick-fil-A surveyed past beneficiaries of its tuition assistance program and found that 90% intend to keep working at the chain even after they earn a degree.

The nontraditional-siting pioneer died from injuries related to a botched robbery.

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