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Meat replacement sales up 268% at restaurants, study shows

But the costs of those products are also climbing steeply.


Canada to ban plastic food containers by 2021

Prime Minister Trudeau says his administration will also work with the country’s provinces to require a plastic litter cleanup by foodservice operations and other users of nonbiodegradable packaging.

A new study offers some insights.

The onetime busboy was selected from the top operators in nine foodservice categories.

With inspiration from an unlikely source, operations have changed significantly inside the kitchens of Legal Sea Foods.

ProStart’s national competition gives aspiring industry stars the chance to jumpstart their careers.

The lines between channels are blurring even further as retailers try some of restaurants’ recent means to build sales.

A restaurant chain is building its program on only meatless options.

Stores near institutions of higher learning are extending their hours and offering freebies to entice students.

The state is outlawing the commonly used packages, with Hawaii also contemplating a ban.

A survey of stadium and arena viewers found a pent-up desire for more convenience and faster service, starting with the ability to order from their seats.

But federal officials say they haven’t been able to identify the potential eateries, supermarkets or suppliers involved.

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