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New national initiative looks to cut food waste

An alliance formed by the National Restaurant Association and two other food industry groups has announced an agreement with three departments of the U.S. government.


Bans on sugary drinks work, study finds

Halting sales of the beverages led to weight loss, according to the findings.

New Jersey and Michigan are the latest states to consider setting their own rules for overtime pay instead of relying on federal regulations.

Recent research may offer a salve for what ails employers.

Foodservice managers would need to earn 28% more than the new federal threshold to be ineligible for time-and-a-half pay.

Students in 10 counties could use their assistance credits at local restaurants.

Natha Dempsey will move up from the vice president role.

A dozen well-known chefs agreed to create and menu a dish with a food cost of $1.25, just as their K-12 counterparts do. Here’s why.

The appointment comes as a major shareholder in the foodservice giant is exerting more of an influence on its strategy and direction.

The older generation has the strongest pent-up demand for delivery and takeout, a new study indicates.

As anticipated, the agency has raised the exemption threshold to $35,568.

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