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New SNAP proposal could impact students who receive free meals

If the proposal goes into effect, the USDA estimates that around 3 million people would no longer be eligible for the program.


Senior living community invites 'Iron Chef' judge to serve Italian desserts

Mario Rizzotti visited Hartsfield Village to prepare and serve a variety of Italian desserts with the community's executive chef.

Miami Public Schools in Miami, Okla., has partnered with the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma to begin serving locally raised bison meat for lunch. 

Six elementary schools at Randolph County Schools now have apple trees and blueberry bushes, which may eventually produce fruit for their cafeterias.

Upward of 50% of U.S. workers who eat lunch on the job say it’s a challenge to eat healthfully.

Crave Food Hall will soon open at Purdue’s Discovery Park, a research hub located on the university’s southwest side.

Each family that attends can receive one free bag of fresh produce.

University Hospitals in Cleveland uses the store’s test kitchen to host cooking classes for patients.

The competition was modeled after the Food Network TV series “Chopped.”

The legislation aims to simplify the local procurement process for operators.

The company partnered with a local food rescue organization to pick up and distribute uneaten, leftover food from its headquarters.

Participating schools will receive $126,000 from the state to rearrange their schedules to include a longer lunch period.

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