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Maine passes bill to allow schools to donate food waste to pig farmers

Supporters of the bill say it will help cut back on waste while helping local farmers.


What’s driving college students’ food purchases?

Sustainable, low-carb, gluten-free—which attributes do students say would make them more likely to buy a menu item? Technomic shares some insights.

Items such as bologna, salami, pepperoni and bacon will no longer be available in school cafeterias.

Parents have the choice of vegetarian lasagna or a steak served with salad, a baked potato and fresh fruit.

Students will receive $4 in vouchers to spend at the market.

Eligible Chartwells employees will be able to earn their associate degree in business from the university.

The event will provide chances for students to interact with farmers, check out cooking demonstrations and sample a variety of foods.

Operators are full of smart ideas that cover everything from cutting waste to retaining staff. Read on for 20 steal-worthy ideas submitted to FSD so far this year.

The Reimagining School Cafeterias Initiative pilot will be introduced to 15 cafeterias across the country this school year.

The food management company will introduce five plant-based recipes using ingredients featured in the report.

The kitchen can stream, record and host cooking classes for school nutrition teams.

An expanded program through the dining department will help students give back to the community.

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