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3 upcoming concepts to watch

Check out these soon-to-open eateries hitting campuses this fall. 


Finding success through small-scale catering

The University of Michigan’s Cafe to Go program has taken off after a revamp of its menu and message.

Students wanted something more exciting, and staff delivered.

Check out these new dishes popping up on school menus. 

Check out prime ways to engage diners this month. 

Here are some recent takes on this popular dish.

A new report by the Food Research & Action Center sheds light on which states are succeeding at after-school nutrition participation and which ones are not.

Here's how FSDs adapt to help feed people during emergencies.

With high diner demand, operators would be hard-pressed to get rid of these dishes. 

Baseball vendors hope these items will be a home run.

FSDs left the culinary event with a wealth of ideas to help implement healthy options at their operations. 

Here's an inside look at which states are seeking to end the controversial practice.

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