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8 Pinterest accounts FSDs should be following

Creative menu and display ideas might be just a click away.


7 Pinterest accounts K-12 operators should follow

Consider mining these accounts for some foodservice inspiration. 

Here’s how some dining services departments are helping students struggling with food insecurity, while keeping finances in check.  

Vendors look to score this Major League Baseball season with these menu items making a debut.

University of Colorado at Boulder is using tech to transform its dining program from the ground up. 

From fried chicken dinners to cookies straight from the oven, these items have become huge hits on their respective campuses—making them the type of offering operators would be hard pressed to cut from the menu without some sort of backlash.   

The university’s new facility combines flexible dining options with a handful of sustainability initiatives. 

The community-focused complex houses five food stations, a demo kitchen and a late-night eatery—with a grocerant and greenhouse in the works.  

When training chefs on the art of display cooking, consider providing these pieces of advice.

The dining hall is the school’s first to provide kosher-certified and halal-friendly options, which are garnering attention from the community at large.  

From providing new avenues for feedback to dinner and a movie, tech additions are making a splash at several senior living communities. 

External cooking competitions are a way to show off chefs' skills while potentially raising the profile of their operation. Here are some do's and don'ts.

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