SAGE Dining's latest campaign looks to improve students' relationship with food

The All Foods Fit campaign will emphasize that there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” foods and will spotlight five components of why we eat.
Students having lunch at school
Photo: Shutterstock

SAGE Dining Services has launched a new campaign aimed at helping students improve their relationship with food. 

The All Foods Fit campaign will steer students away from categorizing foods as “good” or “bad” and will spotlight six components of why we eat, including fuel, culture, exploration, togetherness and enjoyment, the food management company says. 

This philosophy will be worked into existing SAGE initiatives and concepts, such as the Educational Seasonings program, which uses tastings, informational guides and creative displays in the dining hall to teach students about a variety of historical, cultural and culinary topics. 

“Food is personal. Whether it is a birthday cake at a party, a table of your favorite holiday foods, or a recipe that gets the whole family in the kitchen, we each create unique experiences and memories around food. And that is what makes food so special,” SAGE Registered Dietitian Taylor Chan said in a statement. “In the nutrition realm, there is so much focus on the nutrients in food that the social and cultural aspects often get lost or forgotten. That is why SAGE firmly believes in our All Foods Fit philosophy and encourages others to embrace the same curiosity and joy around food.” 



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