Today's consumers are changing everything

Tomorrow's customers are knocking on the doors of universities, employers and retirement communities


Change may be constant, but every once in a while, there comes a “Holy crap!” moment—a seismic shift that shakes up everything. In noncommercial foodservice, that time is now. Gen Z is a year into its college invasion—creating a wake that will last more than a decade. At the same time, there are more millennials in the workforce today than any other demographic group, surpassing both Gen X and baby boomers, the oldest of whom are settling into retirement. Foodservice operators serving these audiences in universities, business and industry and senior living are making big changes to their menus and practices to receive them. We asked three early adjusters to tell us how they’re readying for the new normal.

teens gen z What Gen Z wants

millennials business small What millennials want

baby boomer retirement small What baby boomers want



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